Gender Selection

Gender Selection Options available in Manhattan Beach

Diagnostic TestingAdvanced reproductive technology expands the possibilities for overcoming infertility, with breakthrough therapies that can also improve quality of life. Preconception testing protects the next generation from inheritable genetic diseases, and enables family balancing through a clinical process called gender selection.

Gender selection, involved in about 3,500 births in the past 22 years worldwide, involves pre-screening sperm prior to transfer to a woman’s uterus in a fertility treatment cycle to increase the odds of having a child of a certain sex. Innovative Fertility Center reports an approximately 75-80 percent success rate for obtaining the desired sex with gender selection.

Why Choose Gender Selection?

Gender selection at Innovative Fertility Center centers on family balancing. To help couples fulfill their dreams for a certain birth order, or the boy or girl that will complete their family, Innovative Fertility Center employs proven preconception methods. For instance, couples with one or more children of a certain sex may wish to balance their family with a child of the opposite sex.

How Gender Selection Works

A woman’s eggs have two X chromosomes, while a man’s sperm carries X and Y chromosomes.

• If a man’s sperm carries a Y chromosome and fertilizes the egg, the baby will be a boy.
• If a man’s sperm carries an X chromosome and fertilizes the egg, the baby will be a girl.

Fertility specialists and embryologists can safely and effectively separate X- or Y-bearing sperm prior to conception. While some countries do not permit gender selection, fertility clinics in the United States provide access to the medical breakthrough, allowing for sex selection.

Innovative Fertility Center has offered gender selection, or family balancing, since 1989, and provides the fertility treatment in conjunction with intrauterine insemination and family balancing with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

About IUI with Gender Selection

Dr. Rispler generally does not recommend sex selection with an  IUI cycle. Current research does not clearly support the success of density gradients or centrifugation to separate  X from Y sperm for a good result for couples. For those patients wanting sex selection, IVF with PGD is the recommended course of treatment.

Contact our Manhattan Beach fertility clinic to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rispler. Our board certified reproductive endocrinologist can share more about your options for preconception testing and family balancing.