After realizing our road to parenthood was not going to be as easy or quick as we had hoped, we researched and met with several doctors. Once we met with Dr. Rispler the choice was easily made as we truly loved his one-on-one patient care approach & commitment to help us become parents.

His personalized fertility plans and ability to really listen to our needs while letting us try multiple less invasive options prior to IVF was so refreshing. His staff is amazing as well & made us feel at completely at ease. Through it all they were available, professional yet loving and truly seemed to care for my welfare.

Our beautiful baby boy is now almost 1 years old! He’s truly our miracle & we feel beyond grateful & forever blessed for having Dr. Rispler & his staff by our side on our fertility journey.

– A happy Innovative Fertility family


Due to previous unavoidable surgeries, my husband and I were unable to conceive on our own. My initial foray into the world of infertility went beautifully, and we were blessed with a little girl. We began the process again. This time on the West Coast, and we were unpleasantly reminded that each doctor and practice are different and do things differently. After almost 7 months of going nowhere with our first group, we found Dr. Rispler and his practice.

I am happy to say they enabled us to continue with them, expedited the process for us, and helped to produce a healthy baby boy! I cannot say enough about their kind and understanding staff, their ability to make us feel at ease, and their professional conduct with all procedures and appointments.

I highly recommend Innovative Fertility for anyone who needs some help with conception!

– A beloved Innovative Fertility family


My husband and I met when I was 38 and he was 40. When we got married, I was 39 and he was 41. We knew we wanted to have children even though we were older. We began trying to get pregnant soon after getting married. We tried for a year unsuccessfully before looking into other options. We decided to go through IVF. We were naively under the impression that this would have a positive result after one round. That did not happen. We decided to try again, and again, it did not work. We went through 3 rounds of IVF before we decided to switch doctors and found Dr. Rispler at Innovative Fertility. We were finally able to get pregnant and we now have a healthy, beautiful, baby boy. We are so thankful to have never given up on our dream, even though the journey was difficult at times. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Rispler and his entire staff. They work together tirelessly to ensure couples have the best chance at becoming parents.

– A valued Innovative Fertility family


Our journey to starting a family started before coming to Innovative Fertility. We went to various other clinics before a friend who was also successful with this clinic, recommended Dr. Rispler. It was a decision that ended up changing our lives as we now have a healthy baby girl.

Dr. Rispler and his staff truly cares about your concerns and takes the time to ensure the best possible outcome. It  is very reassuring to be in the hands of an experienced staff. This clinic sets the standard of care for patients.

– A happy Innovative Fertility family


I came to Dr. Rispler and his team after about a year of unsuccessful conception. I was 31 years old at the time and had a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right. Everyone told me I was young and healthy and just needed to give trying to conceive more time, but I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.

It turned out that I had diminished ovarian reserve in addition to a uterine septum that was likely causing me to miscarry. Even though I was only 31, I had the egg count of someone in their 40s. I had to be aggressive with treatment since I didn’t have as much time as most women my age. We tried one IUI that failed before moving onto IVF. After surgery to remove the septum, two egg retrievals and PGS testing, we were blessed to have our first embryo transfer work, and now we have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. IVF and infertility were the toughest things I’ve ever had to go through, but the staff at Innovative Fertility were so kind and supportive. Daysy and Wendy were by my side cheering me on the whole time, and it definitely helped get through an extremely challenging chapter. Treatments are very expensive, but they did everything they could to reduce costs.

Infertility and IVF is financially, emotionally and physically difficult, so having a good care team that you can trust is key. My husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally experience parenthood. We feel lucky every day for our daughter. We will definitely come back when we are ready for baby number two.

– A beloved Innovative Fertility family


My husband I had been trying to start a family for over a year with no success. We both worked near El Segundo and found Innovative Fertility Center for YELP. Since there were good YELP reviews, and it was close to our place of employment, we decided to schedule a consultation to begin the process of possibly figuring out any fertility issues. The staff was friendly and welcoming upon our first visit. With the information received, we decided to start the testing process. The staff was easy to reach to schedule appointments and always seemed supportive and understanding in any changes that arose. Dr. Rispler is very informative, knowledgeable, and patient. The staff helped with ordering medications, providing instructions/ training, and assisting with everything else along the way in the process of IVF.

From the time we began going to Innovative Fertility Center from the time we received news We were pregnant was exactly one year. My husband and I are very grateful for the experience and the support we received by going to this establishment. I think Dr. Rispler and team are the optimal place to receive any IVF support. The staff became my friends over the year long journey, and my husband and I are looking forward to welcoming our daughter very soon and will take her to meet the team at Innovative Fertility Center as soon as we are able.

– A valued Innovative Fertility family


We are so happy and thankful for Innovative Fertility! What began as a simple checkup, turned into a life-alternative experience. Come to find out, my wife and I each had our own challenges with fertility. The staff at Innovative Fertility were very helpful and honest, which

we appreciated the most. Dr. Rispler is conservative and takes every precaution, which was key to our success. After multiple IUl’s and IVF treatment, we were fortunate enough to bring our daughter into the world, with the hopes of another child in the future. The staff was helpful and encouraging in our journey, which helped keep us motivated and positive through our up and down journey. Thank you so much Dr. Rispler and staff!

– A happy Innovative Fertility family


We came to Innovative Fertility in the fall of 2018 for help to realize our dream to have a family. I had previously had fertility issues and visited another doctor about four years prior with no success. From the moment I walked into the office at Innovative I felt hopeful. I was about to turn 40 that December and was determined to make something happen before that milestone. I came to Dr. Rispler and went over my medical history, which was a bit complicated, including cysts on my ovaries. We decided to move forward with treatment after that first meeting. 1. started my medication (stims) in November of that year. This is when I first met with our IVF coordinator/nurse Daysy. I latched on to her right away as my go to for all my needs..haha. All of the staff from front desk to billing were amazing with us through the entire process. I can say that Daysy was one of my lifelines throughout the entire process and was always there to walk me through each appointment and to take every phone call or question I had. I could not have done it without her and her support. Dr. Rispler was also always kind and supportive to me at each appointment, even when we kept having to extend the timeframe for my medication and egg retrieval.

We made it through stims and ended up having 10 eggs at retrieval. Dr. Rispler also drained the ovarian cysts I had during my retrieval. Unfortunately, we did not end up having any eggs make it to day 5 embryos. I can say this is one of the most devastating things I have ever been through. Again, Daysy made that hard call to me to deliver the news. When I met with the team a few weeks later to determine next steps I was an emotional mess. Everyone in the office was very supportive to me. I talked to the doctor about embryo adoption and had planned to go that route. This was in February 2019. Two months later I realized I was late for my period and to my surprise got a positive pregnancy test in the beginning of April. After the initial shock, and telling my husband the news, the next call I made was to Daysy to let her know. She brought me in right away that morning for a beta test to confirm. I let her know how scared I was and that I didn’t want to let myself believe it yet since I had never expected to have a natural pregnancy. She gave me the call later that day to confirm the pregnancy! I went to Dr. Rispler and his team for the first several weeks of my pregnancy. I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time there.

I can never thank them all enough for that support and care. My miracle baby Sophia was born the day before my 41st birthday in December 2019.

– A beloved Innovative Fertility family


As I write this, our sweet baby boy is 5 months old and our greatest gift. He (and thus we) were also up for most of the night, preparing for what we think is the arrival of his first tooth. Parenting is hard and amazing. The same can be said of the IVF process. For us, it was slightly over 2 years between our first visit to Innovative Fertility and our little one’s arrival. This included two retrieval cycles, one implantation, and multiple procedures to check & prepare my uterus, countless shots, blood tests, & medications, and a break, at my choice, between retrieval and implantation. I remember walking into the office for the first time, still grieving the loss of a prior pregnancy, and feeling a sense of peace, both in talking through options with Dr. Rispler and being in the calm of the office. IVF is a marathon, not a sprint, and that is why it is so incredibly important to have a team you trust (and that you will listen too), that helps you to feel comfortable in decidedly uncomfortable situations, and that appreciates the little touches that make the environment and experience better.

That is the team at Innovative Fertility, the team that I needed to bring my son into this word. Thank you.

– A valued Innovative Fertility family


I highly recommend Dr. Rispler at Innovative Fertility Center to any woman struggling with infertility in the South Bay area. Despite the fact that I stopped ovulating three years ago, my  husband and I are now pregnant with TWINS after just a few months of treatments. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Rispler’s comprehensive medical knowledge and his ability to design a customized treatment program to meet our individual needs. In addition, his friendly and compassionate staff members always went out of their way to ensure that I felt like a priority rather than just a number. My husband and I will definitely return to Innovative Fertility Center when it is time to try for our next child!

– Mom-to-be on Yelp from Manhattan Beach, CA


Dear Dr. Rispler,
For two years we tried to conceive a baby. We went to three specialists before you. The others approached our problem as normal and stretched the process without regard to my health or the emotional toll. But you were completely different. From the start you were truly caring about my health, and evaluated the big picture. Almost unbelievably, we conceived on the very first procedure with you. And today, not only are we the proud parents of a beautiful healthy baby girl, but I’m healthier too. We’ll always consider you part of our family. Thank you for your compassion, professionalism, expertise and success!

– Family in Manhattan Beach


Dear Dr. Rispler,
I was 35 when I married my husband and we wanted to start a family. After six months without success, I visited my internist. One year later, after having a hysteroscopy to remove the polyps, a visit to an herbalist, two Intrauterine Inseminations with a well-known reproductive specialist and a consultation with another specialist, we were still without a baby. When I received a phone call personally from you that afternoon I knew that it was meant to be and as you know the rest is history. After our first attempt with in vitro fertilization, we were blessed with not one but two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl. We couldn’t be happier. Everyday when we see our angels, we thank you, Dr. Rispler, for your help and ability.

– Family in Palos Verdes


Dear Dr. Rispler,
Thank you for our beautiful baby boy. You have a unique way of ensuring that we always understood the process of the treatment and what to expect next. Fertility treatment is a difficult process and we were so fortunate to have found a doctor who truly cares for his patients and is always available to answer questions. While there are lots of doctors who practice this type of medicine, we are grateful to have found someone with your sense of humor, kindness, and sensibility. Once again, thank you!

– Family in Santa Monica


Dear Dr. Rispler,
We know that our success in achieving pregnancy after our first IVF procedure had a lot to do with our comfort with your confident yet modest personality, and your expertise in your profession. My husband and I had been to other fertility professionals and were discouraged by the clinical atmosphere we experienced, in addition to the impersonal approach that was displayed. You made us feel comfortable about all aspects of the procedure and personalized my treatment based on my request and fertility history. Thank you so much Dr. Rispler, we are blessed to have our addition.

– Family in Torrance