I highly recommend Dr. Rispler at  Innovative Fertility Center to any woman struggling with infertility in the  South Bay area.  Despite the fact that I stopped ovulating three years ago, my  husband and I are now pregnant with TWINS after just a few months of treatments.  I was extremely impressed with Dr. Rispler’s comprehensive medical knowledge and his ability to design a customized treatment program to meet our individual needs.  In addition, his friendly and compassionate staff members always went out of their way to ensure that I felt like a priority rather than just a number.  My husband and I will definitely return to Innovative Fertility Center when it is time to try for our next child!

 1/19/2012 Mom-to-be on YELP

Manhattan Beach, CA


Dear Dr. Rispler,
For two years we tried to conceive a baby. We went to three specialists before you. The others approached our problem as normal and stretched the process without regard to my health or the emotional toll. But you were completely different. From the start you were truly caring about my health, and evaluated the big picture. Almost unbelievably, we conceived on the very first procedure with you. And today, not only are we the proud parents of a beautiful healthy baby girl, but I’m healthier too. We’ll always consider you part of our family. Thank you for your compassion, professionalism, expertise and success!

– Family in Manhattan Beach

Dear Dr. Rispler,
I was 35 when I married my husband and we wanted to start a family. After six months without success, I visited my internist. One year later, after having a hysteroscopy to remove the polyps, a visit to an herbalist, two Intrauterine Inseminations with a well-known reproductive specialist and a consultation with another specialist, we were still without a baby. When I received a phone call personally from you that afternoon I knew that it was meant to be and as you know the rest is history. After our first attempt with in vitro fertilization, we were blessed with not one but two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl. We couldn’t be happier. Everyday when we see our angels, we thank you, Dr. Rispler, for your help and ability.

– Family in Palos Verdes

Dear Dr. Rispler,
Thank you for our beautiful baby boy. You have a unique way of ensuring that we always understood the process of the treatment and what to expect next. Fertility treatment is a difficult process and we were so fortunate to have found a doctor who truly cares for his patients and is always available to answer questions. While there are lots of doctors who practice this type of medicine, we are grateful to have found someone with your sense of humor, kindness, and sensibility. Once again, thank you!

– Family in Santa Monica

Dear Dr. Rispler,
We know that our success in achieving pregnancy after our first IVF procedure had a lot to do with our comfort with your confident yet modest personality, and your expertise in your profession. My husband and I had been to other fertility professionals and were discouraged by the clinical atmosphere we experienced, in addition to the impersonal approach that was displayed. You made us feel comfortable about all aspects of the procedure and personalized my treatment based on my request and fertility history. Thank you so much Dr. Rispler, we are blessed to have our addition.

– Family in Torrance