Treatment for Uterine Polyps

Treatments for Uterine Polyps

If Dr. Mark Rispler finds uterine polyps that could interfere with your ability to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy, he will recommend surgical removal of the growth(s). Dr. Rispler, an experienced surgeon, is skilled at minimally invasive surgical techniques for fertility surgery.

Removing a single uterine polyp or multiple growths takes place in the Innovative Fertility Center offices, under local anesthesia. Dr. Rispler performs hysteroscopy, in which he manipulates a small scope to view the uterine cavity and surgical tools to extract the polyp.

For many women, uterine polyps do not cause symptoms or discomfort; no action is necessary. Women with recurrent miscarriage or infertility may benefit from extricating uterine polyps to create the optimal uterine environment for the fertilized egg to implant.

Dr. Rispler specializes in male and female infertility, and will recommend the course of treatment that circumvents problems such as uterine polyps. Contact us at our Manhattan Beach fertility clinic to arrange for a consultation. We always recommend the least invasive and most holistic approach as a baseline treatment.