In Vitro Fertilization, IVF

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According to the national infertility association, one out of every eight couples will struggle to conceive. And that doesn’t account for the many single adults or LGBT couples who also want to start families of their own. Fortunately, there are options for infertile couples such as IVF, or in vitro fertilization.

Dr. Mark Rispler and Dr. Joshua J. Berger are respected board certified reproductive endocrinologists. They have dedicated their lives to helping people optimize their chances for conceiving healthy children.

IVF is a proven solution that has successfully helped bring over five million babies into the world since 1978. IVF is a complex procedure in which sperm and eggs are combined in an IVF lab setting. IVF generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

The five steps of IVF

After reviewing your medical history and undergoing a fertility workup and initial blood work to assess ovarian reserve and hormone levels, it is time to begin the IVF process.

Ovarian stimulation The female patient will be introduced to her personalized stimulation protocol that includes injectable fertility medications used to enhance her natural cycle, stimulate the production of multiple eggs and trigger ovulation when the time is right.

Egg retrieval When the eggs are mature, the doctor will arrange a time to remove them while the patient is comfortably sedated in our on-site surgery center. Our doctors remove eggs transvaginally from the ovaries using a small ultrasound guided needle. During this time, sperm may be collected from the male partner if it has not been collected in advance.

Fertilization The retrieved eggs are then placed in a special growth media in the IVF lab to nourish and protect them while they are out of the woman’s body. The eggs, also called oocytes, will be fertilized by combining them with the sperm in a petri dish. Sometimes an advanced fertilization technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI can be used to ensure fertilization takes place.

Embryo transfer The embryos (fertilized eggs) will be transferred back to the womb within 2-3 days after fertilization for a fresh cycle. Many couples prefer to have preimplantation genetic screening done. In this case, we will grow the embryo to the blastocyst stage, remove a group of cells from the trophectoderm, the area of the cell that will become the placenta, for genetic screening. Embryos that undergo PGS or PGD are preserved with vitrification to await the results and can be transferred back the uterus in a subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycle after the results of the genetic screening are back

Luteal phase support A fertility specialist will prescribe progesterone, oftentimes delivered through a vaginal suppository, to provide the ideal environment for successful implantation and embryo development. We will recommend this treatment with both fresh and frozen IVF cycles to nourish and support the ongoing pregnancy.

Experience IVF at a fertility center devoted to holistic care

At our Manhattan Beach fertility center, we know that each situation is unique and tailor care accordingly. If you are a single parent to be, an infertile couple or an LGBT couple, we are here to help you achieve your dream of a family.

We also offer personalized, holistic care that includes yoga and acupuncture alongside other proven, safe and effective Western medical technologies. Before you begin any process such as IVF, you may also choose to undergo genetic testing (using simple blood or saliva tests) to screen for inherited diseases such as sickle cell anemia, Tay Sachs and CF.

Remember, you are not alone; we are here to help you every step of the way. From our caring staff to our highly trained fertility specialist, we are here to help. If you are having trouble conceiving, would like more information or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.