Sperm Prep for IUI

Our Los Angeles fertility expert reviews the details of sperm prep for IUI

As director of our renowned Los Angeles fertility center, Mark Rispler MD and Joshua J. Berger MD, PhD are devoted to delivering compassionate care combined with the latest fertility treatments. He employs proven therapies, such as fertility medications, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) to assist patients who are struggling to conceive. To maximize the odds of success, our team follows known protocols such as sperm prep for IUI.

Understanding fertility treatments at our Los Angeles fertility center

After a thorough fertility evaluation, the doctor will make recommendations for the best course of action. He often begins with intrauterine insemination, especially in the following cases.

For IUI, he will either monitor your natural cycle to watch for follicle development, or you will take fertility medications to stimulate ovulation. An important part of the process is the sperm prep for IUI at our Los Angeles fertility center.

A brief explanation of sperm prep for IUI

When conception occurs under traditional circumstances, the vagina and cervix naturally separate the motile, strong sperm from the weaker sperm and seminal fluid. As part of the sperm prep for IUI, sperm washing filters active sperm cells from non-functional, dead or slow sperm.

Sperm washing also removes chemicals, mucus and seminal fluid, which can all contribute to infertility. The sperm that swim faster and are better able to penetrate the egg are used during IUI to improve the chance of pregnancy.

Taking a closer look at the sperm prep for IUI

With an IUI, your partner will need to provide a semen sample. Once our Los Angeles fertility center laboratory receives it, our experienced team will begin the sperm prep for IUI. For the washing process, the healthy sperm are separated from the less desirable sperm through a series of washes. These sperm are then re-suspended in a fluid solution that is designed to mimic the tissue fluids found in the uterus. During the IUI, the doctor will insert the sperm directly into the uterus to increase the odds of fertilization.

If you have tried to conceive without success, the doctor can help diagnose the problem. He uses advanced therapies to treat infertility, so patients can achieve their dreams of parenthood.

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