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Secondary Infertility: How to Respond to Annoying Questions

You have heard about infertility, a disease that impacts 1 in 7 couples. You may even have friends or family members that grapple with it. But not you. You have gotten pregnant and had a baby before. Once fertile, always fertile. Right? There are so many painful aspects of infertility, but Dr. Mark Rispler frequently. . . Read More

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Fibroids and Fertility Surgery: Dr. Rispler Cuts to the Chase

Do fibroids cause infertility and, if so, will fertility surgery help increase my chances for getting pregnant? Dr. Mark Rispler with Innovative Fertility Center says, like real estate, location matters. He recommends fertility surgery after evaluating a fibroid tumor’s size and location in the uterus. With fibroids, you will likely need fertility treatment to address:. . . Read More

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